Hallo! It's the most awesome nation ever here, known as the Kingdom of Prussia! But I don't mind if you call me Gilbert, it's the name Old Fritz gave me! I know you all wonder how I can be so awesome or what I do to be so awesome, so don't be shy and ask me! Kesese~!

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Made out like a bandit~

Gilbird, as always, is trying to hatch some.

Got my hair all chopped off, I haven’t had it this short in so long, we’ll see how it works out

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Mun just got rejected from working at my con, gonna kill something after I finish making my skin fabulous with all these tears

My cosplay shopping list is: primer, heavy foundation, pressed powder, bronzer (for Romano; illuminator for Prussia), flesh-colored lip pencil and lip stick. Then eye makeup matches their eye color and/or hair color. (For Prussia: lots of silver.)

:I and what are these words you are saying to me….

I have a set up for prussia, foundation and a compact, it turns me at least a shade or two lighter, so very good albino.

I just want to get a basic base set of make up, I just don’t want to get and I have no idea how to go about what else I would need for my other stuff, like something to give me the idea of high cheek bones.


Update, I am easily lost in make up shops and have no real idea what I’m looking for or should use when shopping for cosplay make up. 

Need make up friends.

teach me make up friends.




Selfie Friday because I said so.

I got a new hoodie :D


April Fools Gilbert

The only April Fools thing worth bloggin



Hetalia: Axis Powers - Prussia