Hallo! It's the most awesome nation ever here, known as the Kingdom of Prussia! But I don't mind if you call me Gilbert, it's the name Old Fritz gave me! I know you all wonder how I can be so awesome or what I do to be so awesome, so don't be shy and ask me! Kesese~!

Relationships: Multi-ships, all AU

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We’ve reached the end.

//How is there still activity on this blog?

I know everyone has lost interest in the blog and I haven’t any questions in ages, fallen out of beat with Prussia and yea, I’m just closing shop.

I’m not deleting it, but It’s not an ask blog anymore, just something floating in cyber space//

Send a number for Munday!


1. A picture of Mun’s room

2. Mun’s fashion sense?

3. Something Mun has made (picture optional).

4. Something Mun always wanted to do as a child.

5. Mun’s favorite Pokemon.

6. Mun’s favorite style to sing to (or what they wish they could sing to).

7. Mun’s favorite physical feature.

8. A happy memory.

9. Anything Mun collects?

10. If Mun had a billion dollars, but had to spend it all in a weekend and lose the rest, what would they do with it?


So here’s the new lay out but my cousin isn’t here to doodle on it, so meh, doodle and new seat change!

Come find me at table 28, you’re one stop corner shop for all sorts of nerdy things you just need in your house.

I can’t wait to see you all at YaoiCon 2014

N 1 of ur answers u said u dont want 2 share Canada. R u 2 dating? Y r u so possessive of him?


Are you text speaking at me…I can hardly figure that stuff out.

Seriously, people, English is hardly a language I know all of let along American slang.

Because people hardly ever treat Mattie they way they should so I don’t like to share him when people are shit and treat him like it. He’s my favorite guy and I want him to be happy.

“I’m a grown ass man.”

Me when I don’t wanna do something (via ask-matthew-canada)


blogofawesomeasksandprus replied to your post
*grabs handful of ass* What are are we doing? I heard grab your ass…but I always hear grab your ass when you open that gorgeous mouth of yours. I may have gotten confused.

I.. -he pauses for a moment before hugging the Prussian- You big sweetheart..

Kesese~ -gathers him tightly in his arms- That’s not what normal people say to getting their ass grabbed, Mattie. But that is one of the things I love about you.



*smirks a bit as he tucked his brother in out of old habits* Ja, maybe I just might. *he climbed in next him, sighing cause this meant he had to wear pjs* I’ll get him to lay off, you need a vacation if you ask me!

*He didn’t mind his brother not wearing anything. He does the same at times.* Ja! Ve can go to Japan! I hear his cherryblooms are a sight to see!

Hmm, ja, Kikus tree are rather..pretty this time of year. -nods in agree- Ja, that sounds great, besides he makes great food.

have you ever hit on elise? i heard she likes you~~~



I have no idea who that is???

Hey Gil would you have a threesome with America and canada?


Nein, no way , not ever.

They are brothers, that would be so weird!

Besides. I’d have to share Mattie and I’m not about that.

Okay mattie…Imma go to bed now…cause you said so…not that I’m tired or anything

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Hetalia: Axis Powers - Prussia